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Special jazzy cat nfts

JAZZY used to be a stray cat before she found a saintly jazz musician who adopted her and named her “JAZZY” after he took her under his wings, Jazzy was raised in a musical household and started to absorb and love Jazz music and dreamed that one day she’d follow her father’s path and become a great Jazzy musician, now her moment had come when she received One Nimman’s letter to perform at the event, this will be the stage the make her famous just like her father.

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NFT_CNX Cat_Jazzy 1 (2)

kitty cat

A rookie kitten who just started traveling might lack experience but always go all-in to learn and gain experience

800 Pieces available

NFT_CNX Cat_Jazzy 1 (1)

city cat

A cat who lives in the city and is looking for a more comfortable way to live.

180 Pieces available

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Mighty cat

A cat who loves to travel, collect special privileges, and make the most out of it.

20 Pieces available